The Deep Summer Slideshow Showdown: Bryan Ralph

This summer 1,000 lucky Crankworx goers sat down in a Whistler ballroom before four giant projection screens to watch, cheer and be amazed by the Shimano Saint Deep Summer Photo Contest. The rules were simple—capture the vibe, the scene, the feeling and the riding of Whistler in just three days of shooting. All six sideshows came together miraculously, making for a truly inspiring audio-visual experience. A panel of judges awarded Mattias Fredriksson top honors, with Dan Barham picking up second place and Harookz nabbing third. John Gibson, Yorick Carroux and wildcard Bryan Ralph also competed, and even though the judges were required to dole out prizes, just like in T-ball, all who competed came away winners. In fact the only losing party was anyone who couldn’t make it to Whistler last August for the ultimate slideshow smackdown. Until now.

Here is the second in a series of slideshows, this one from Byran Ralph. Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Ralph moved to BC more than a decade ago, and hasn't gone back. His day job is working for Doppelmayr Canada, building ski lifts. He has been shooting skiing for years, and is a veteran of wintertime photo comps, including the Redbull Photochallenge Canada, the Deep Winter Photo Challenge, and more. Stay tuned to the Buzz section of Bike for more from Ralphie.


ralph3a"I was ecstatic to hear that I had won the wildcard spot in Saint Deep Summer Photo Challenge. We had three days to get our team out to Whistler to begin the competition. Mike Hopkins exhausted himself for three days of nonstop shooting, and Kurt Sorge made it to the shoot the last day. Rounding out the our Kootenay-based team was our editor Andre Nutini who also helped slug gear around the mountain.

Between working my day job and working the phones in the evening I managed to forget to arrange to borrow a bike for the weekend, so I huffed the Whistler bike Park by foot. It was a great to compete against some of mountain biking's premier photographers, and although the long days and late nights of the photo challenge eventually caught up with me, I feel privileged to have had this opportunity."—Bryan Ralph (

Deep Summer Slideshow Showdown: Byran Ralph from Bike Magazine on Vimeo.