By: Kevin Rouse

Leg SalsaWith Fall fast approaching, many riders are breaking out the cold weather gear to keep their legs going in the colder temps. However, Guadalupe, California, based Unconventional Medicinals allows riders (including yours truly) to ditch the soggy leg warmers this season and slather on a hearty helping of Leg Salsa instead.

Leg Salsa you ask? Modeled after the embrocation products used widely in European winter cyclocross racing where temps are low and the precipitation levels high, Leg Salsa is a sports balm designed to increase blood flow and circulation, and deliver a strong warming sensation to your legs.

Through the use of capsicum (the stuff that makes chili peppers hot), menthol, St. Johns Wort, olive oil, aspirin powder, arnica, and an assortment of essential oils, Leg Salsa takes an unconventional approach to the standard "embro". Applied sparingly, it takes the chill out of those nippy, early- morning starts, while upping the dosage seemingly ignites a furnace in your legs that will temper even the worst of weather.

While the warming sensation (that borders on burning, depending on application strength) is not for all, it's a great way to make those cold-weather rides a little more enjoyable, and quite frankly, is the only thing that gets this guy out the door when the mercury is dropping.

Leg Salsa is part of an entire line of cycling products, all created with an emphasis on using natural, and organic ingredients. Other noteworthy products include -Â Pro Glaze (think Leg Salsa with a bit less heat), and -Â Smooth Ride, which is truly a hidden gem in the vast world of chamois creams. For more info, check out their site here.