Over the past few years there has been a trend in the mountain bike industry to make platform pedals as thin as possible, and as light as possible. Momentum Bicycle has taken that concept to the next level with their FlyPaper pedals. Weighing in at just 351 grams and measuring just 3.7 millimeters thick, these are the thinnest, lightest off-road platform pedals to date.

Rather than using a traditional bearing and axle assembly directly under the rider’s foot, the FlyPaper pedals are supported by two oversized bearings mounted in the crank arm. The pedal itself is CNC’d out of heat-treated 7075 Aluminum with 12mm pedal pins threading all the way through the pedal, leaving about 4 millimeters visible on either side.

There are a number of benefits to having a pedal this thin. With the riders foot closer to the pedals axis of rotation the leverage that would otherwise allow your foot to “roll” the pedal significantly reduced. What’s more, the thin profile of the pedal has a way of feeling stickier and more stable.

Any skepticism that I may have had about these pedals was quickly erased after I got them on the trail. The pedals are incredibly stiff, and the stability they provide throughout the pedal stroke inspires confidence on even the most challenging terrain. After six months testing them the bearings still feel smooth, I never lost any pedal pins, and, incredibly, never developed any play in the pedals.

The FlyPaper pedals are fully serviceable with out having to disassemble the pedal. A 2-millimeter hex bolt on the inside of the crankarm exposes a grease port where the bearings can be injected with fresh grease. It is recommended that the pedals be lubed once for every ten times you would lube your chain. Additionally, Momentum Bicycle offers a 3-year warranty on the bearings, and a 5-year warranty on the pedals.

Currently Momentum Bicycle offers the FlyPaper pedals with two crank options. The FSA Gravity Gap crankset with Mega EXO bottom bracket was the version tested, and is offered at a suggested retail of $579. The company also offers the FlyPaper pedals with the FSA, Gravity Maximus crankset. The Maximus crank pedal combo does not come with a BB and retails for $499.

The obvious downside is that you’re wed to using only one of two crank options—the only two with enough meat at the end of the crankarm to house the pedals’ oversized bearings. The upside, however, is a superlative feel that, if you like running flat pedals and have ever rolled one on accident, is worth at least testing out.

I’ll continue to run these into next season on the North Shore of Vancouver, and will add to this review if any issues arise.

For more information contact Momentum Bicycle at (928) 399-9669 or hit them up on the web at www.momentumbicycle.com