Previewed: RASE Black Mamba Rapid Adjust Seatpost

Most of the adjustable seatposts on the market today are limited to only a few inches of travel, but the RASE Black Mamba boasts an impressive 9 inches of indexed adjustability. While many companies use an air system to actuate their adjustability, the RASE is all mechanical--using a pin-and-hole system to lock the post at any of its twenty increments and a spring and pulley to pull the post back to its extended position.

The bottom piece of the post is clamped into the frame and the extendable part is free to slide up and down through the tube extending into the frame, which could limit the post's function if the bike it is mounted in has a curved or obstructed seat tube. As advertised, the return action or the RASE is truly "rapid," as the spring is not dampened at all. In fact, the user manual even warns the rider to not be more than 1/4 inch above the saddle while returning the post to its extended position as “a genital injury could otherwise be the result." This could just be a legal warning, but finding out the hard way doesn’t sound like any bit of fun.

The made-in-the-USA post retails for a whopping $379 and comes in everyone’s favorite color--black. For more information on the Black Mamba Rapid Adjust Seatpost visit RASE’s website.