PREVIEWED: Ellsworth Tiruth

This is a titanium version of the venerable racehorse Truth. Ellsworth has created a custom Ti front triangle, which gives Ti junkies that wonderful warm Ti feel while maintaining outstanding rigidity. The frame will be laser etched and polished. The weight difference will not be significant, compared to aluminum, rather this is a response to many of Ellsworth's customers who want to ride a frame with ICT suspension but want a different material.

We didn't get confirmation from Ellsworth, but Merlin was showing off their Works 4.0 bike with an Ellsworth rear triangle at Interbike this year (you can see it HERE ), so we're guessing the front triangle shown here is being built by Merlin too. Merlin probably has more experience building Ti mountain bike frames than anyone else around; they make an excellent partner for Ellsworth if this is the case. Frames are immediately available for a price of $4900 (frame only).

Stay tuned to this site for photos of Ellworth's upcoming Oracle model, a custom cousin of the award winning Epiphany. This bike will have a Ti front triangle and a new custom carbon seat stay coupled with the lightest and strongest asymmetrical chainstay Ellsworth makes. This bike will come as a complete build with a custom wheelset using Ellsworth carbon rims and a proprietary Chris King hub set. The rest of the build kit is not being disclosed at this time, but will represent the very best the industry has to offer. This bike will be custom sized and have the owner's name etched on the frame for no additional charge. Oh, yeah and get this, the price for a complete Oracle is $10,0000!

For more info stay tuned to Ellsworth Bikes