Off Track Podcast: Crankworx Super Special

Chris Ball, Fabien Barel, Jerome Clementz, Seb Kemp, Anka Martin and Tracey Moseley are all here in our studio

Podcast by Tristan Merrick


Tristan Merrick and Seb Kemp are joined today by Enduro World Series Director Chris Ball, as well as a who’s who of Enduro racing stars: Fabien Barel, Anka Martin and Enduro World Series points leaders Jerome Clementz and Tracey Moseley are all in studio talking about Crankworx, the next stop in the Enduro World Series, and, of course, Whistler itself.

We have beer, we have microphones and we’re getting down to some no-holds-barred conversation. Check it out. It’s another truly great podcast.

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Welcome to the greatest show on earth about racing.

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