3-7-07 // Previewed: Oakley Radar

WHAT: Radar
WHERE: www.oakley.com
HOW MUCH: $155-$245

First there were Oakley Eyeshades, then Blades, followed by Mumbos, M-Frames, Racing Jackets and Zeros—now there is Radar. Oakley has a long history of offering high-performance eyewear for cycling enthusiasts. The new Radar isn't a radical departure form any of Oakley's previous designs, but rather the next step in their evolution.

Radar frames looks like a cross between the M-Frame and the Zero with added ventilation on the sides. The ear stems and nosepiece are covered in soft rubber, which anyone familiar with Oakley will quickly recognize. One deviation from previous Oakley frames is the nosepiece, which, although it still remains interchangeable for a custom fit, is integrated into the frame of the glasses and cannot easily fall off. Unlike M-Frames, the Radar earstems pivot on hinges that don't break away.

Oakley is especially proud of the lens coating on the Radar. The new coating is called Oakley Hydrophobic and is designed to resist moisture buildup. Moreover, Oakley claims the coating resists smudges by repelling oils and dirt. Their logic is simple: cleaner lenses are clearer lenses. Like previous designs the Radar's interchangeable lenses use Oakley' High Definition Optic technology. The lenses come in three shapes and a range of shades and colors.

Several Bike magazine editors are currently testing the new glasses, so expect some feedback soon.