TESTED: Niterider MiNewt X.2

For an on-trail comparison between this light and seven other LED models click HERE.

Niterider MiNewt X.2
Price: $190
Contact: 800-466-8366
More Information: niterider.com
Includes: handlebar mount, wall charger, Li-Ion battery

Fittingly named, the X.2 is twice as bright as the MiNewt that Niterider introduced just last year. The system abides well by the KISS protocol of product design: Keep It Simple, Stupid. And oh does it ever.

A diminutive Li-Ion battery pack Velcro straps to just about any stem, and a short cord runs to a handlebar-mount that is basically nothing more than a o-ring with an integrated pull tab. In a pinch a zip tie or a rubber band would get you out of the woods.

The great thing about this light is that on one hand it is as simple as can be. But on the other hand there's nothing *minute* the punch this thing packs.

The MiNewt puts out 3.5 hours of light on its high, 150-lumen setting, and 7 hours on its low, 92-lumen setting. The light isn't the broadest of the bunch but the mount is easy to adjust and stays put once it's in place, so you can get the light just where you need it.

On the outside the dimensions of the lights are the same as its predecessor, except with a brand new "titanium" finish – just so your friends know you're blinging the lastest and greatest.

In the setup speed category, this sucker on the bars might just be the winner. Cinch a Velcro strap and loop a rubber band and you're good to go.

As with the TriNewt, the MiNewt X.2 has a high/low setting activated via a button on the battery pack that doubles as a power indicator. Blue is good. Red means you're almost done and should cruise out on low power.

Coming in at just $190, the MiNewt hits one of the more affordable price points. And if you run it on you handlebars that's fine and well. But if you want to run it as a helmet mount you're going to have to sack up and buy the extension cord and the helmet mount separately. And even though NiteRider has been around forever your old mount will do you no good – it's been redesigned. And if you're thinking of getting a TriNewt – that mount won't work either, different system.

The MiNewt doesn't come with a carrying case, but after you get your o-ring picked out (it comes with three sizes), there's not much to lose. Throw this 232-gram light in your bag and go ahead and forget it's there.

For an on-trail comparison between this light and seven other LED models click HERE.