News Of The Tweet: Filling The Void

Parody, celebrity and the who's who of partially worth following accounts

Is Twitter dull? I don't think so, but you have to be careful to avoid the inane prattle that can swamp a feed. I've recently gone on a bit of a cull from my personal feed, unfollowing literally one, maybe two accounts in order to escape the insipid banter. To fill this void I have added @b0ringtweets.

However, Twitter is designed, nay, made for fatuous self-reportage. It's like we have a guilty desire to keep a record of our every movement and whereabouts. Or just to rationalize each of our actions. The modern idiom is that, "If it didn't happen on Twitter, did it really happen?"

However, going full circle in the madness is a boatload of parody Twitter accounts. @b0ringtweets is a favorite of mine at the moment, but there's more.

I don't quite get Sarah Silverman, but I like reading her tweets. She so crazy.

Jenna Marble is another funny lass. Made famous by her own channel of YouTube ROFL videos, her wit rolls over so nicely into Twitter with such frequency that I'm amazed it's just one person behind this account. Oh wait, it's a fan account.

Science? Nonsense more like. @FakeScience

An Account devoted entirely to the bottle cage? Yep, it's @bottlecagefan

What about someone trying to spread hilarious stories by hiding behind an anonymous account and without substantiating? @wheelofenduro

There are dangers to publishing a parody account though, as Rebecca Lomax found out for herself.

Pop culture savant, Charlie Brooker is worth following. Full of caustic, witty observations about TV, music and celebrity. @charltonbrooker

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And postmodern sage, William Gibson (@GreatDismal) is a great source of interesting links, retweets and hidden secrets.