Source: Gates Carbon Drive


Just ahead of its launch at the Interbike trade show, Gates Carbon Drive has given Bike a sneak peek at their new 'CenterTrack' technology. Based on their previous belt-drive design, Gates claims that their new CenterTrack technology is the lightest, strongest, best-performing belt-drive system they've created. Making its debut at the Interbike Outdoor Demo, the new system offers all the advantages of a traditional belt-drive system, but with a claimed 20 percent increase in tensile strength as well as a slimmer profile and much improved dirt and mud-shedding capabilities.
The system makes use of a narrow channel that runs the length of the belt, which fits snugly around a narrow, raised track on both the front and rear pulleys. This eliminates the need for raised flanges on the sides of the pulleys, which had a habit of collecting dirt and grime in the past.

CenterTrack was conceived by Wayne Lumpkin, who was long the man behind Avid brake development. "My goal is always to create products that make bicycling easier and more fun for the user," says Lumpkin. "I want cyclists to enjoy the ride without having to think about maintenance. CenterTrack achieves that goal."

Gates will offer the CenterTrack technology on its new CDX-CT drive train, which will be the new premium component offering from Carbon Drive Systems. Pricing won't be available until Bike Week (Dec. 5-8).