Previewed: 2009 Fulcrum RedCarbon Wheels

Fulcrum has just announced the details of their 2009 RedCarbon wheelset. This cross-country wheelset was designed with racing in mind as Fulcrum is aiming to build a lighter and faster wheelset than the RedMetal Zero models ridden by Julien Absalon, which he rode when he won the rainbow jersey at the 2007 World Championships.

The most noticeable change in this new wheelset can be seen in the use of carbon fiber to construct the UST tubeless-compatible rims. This change reduces the wheel’s rotating mass considerably.

The number of spokes used in the wheels has also been reduced. Four spokes have been removed from both the front and rear wheels to yield a total of 20 aluminum spokes with stainless steel nipples in each.

To improve strength and rigidity of the wheels asymmetric rims are being used to reduce spoke dish. Asymmetric rims keep the spoke lengths closer to equal on both sides of the wheel thus improving torque transmission in the rear and rigidity during braking in the front.

Oversized aluminum hub bodies include 20mm axles front and rear with adjustable, precision bearings and Shimano Center Lock or 6-screw disc brake options. The complete wheelset weight is claimed to be 1,450 grams.

The RedCarbon wheels will be used by Julien Absalon during 2008 and will debut officially at the first World Cup event at Houffalize in Belgium.

They are scheduled to go on sale in October of 2008.

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