Better Than Baseball

Words By Lydia Tanner

For the last six months a crew of pro athletes, event organizers, and opinion leaders have been hashing out the details of the first ever Freeride Mountain fmb_world_tour_1_logo1Bike (FMB) World Tour, which will touch down in Europe, Canada, and the United States with ten big events.

It's a development that sports like snowboarding and surfing have already undergone; the TTR World Snowboarding tour and the ASP world tour of Surfing have both fostered legitimacy and professionalism for their respective sports, and ideally the FMB world tour will do the same for Freeride Mountain Biking.

The ultimate goal of the series is to establish a tangible world ranking system for athletes, create guidelines for course design, enforce consistent judging, and uphold standards for safety.

“It's time to bring the sport of freeride mountain biking to the next level," says pro freerider Aaron Chase. "The FMB World Tour will help bring consistency to our sport. I will know that when I show up to a FMB tour stop that thefmb_world_tour_2010_biginbavaria2009_bydavidulrich event will be safe, the judging will be fair and the end of the day we will know where I stand among the other athletes.”

The tour aims not to create an entirely fresh schedule, but to integrate established successful events like the Vienna Air King, Crankworx, and the Red Bull Rampage in a more consistent format. Athletes will have the opportunity to gather points in Slopestyle, Dirt Jumping, and Big Mountain events, all in hopes of becoming overall FMB World Champion.

An advisory panel studded with pro athletes, event organizers, and media experts has been created to ensure that the Tour stays true to the best interests of the sport.

Todd Barber, creator of the Red Bull Rampage, sums it up; "The FMB World tour is an exciting new chapter for the sport of Freeride Mountain biking. The fmb_world_tour_2010_kokaneecrankworx2009_carrouxcomtime has finally come for the athletes, event organizers and industry to come together to show the world how incredible the sport of freeride mountain biking can be."

To learn more, visit it series website at It’s still under construction, but will provide all the info on this season.