Previewed: Freelap Timing Comes To America

TerraLogic Park Industries, operators of Diablo Freeride Park in Vernon, New Jersey, announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Swiss timing innovators, Freelap SA to be the United States distributor of the unique Freelap product line.

The Freelap Timing System is hailed by many as an innovative tool that is revolutionizing performance training in timed-events such as cycling, motocross, track and field, among many others. Developed in Switzerland, Freelap technology allows athletes to accurately measure their personal performance progress without the need of complex and expensive timing equipment.

Available for the first time in the United States, the unique Freelap Timing System consists of a stopwatch that has a start, stop and lap time function, triggered 'hands-free' by wireless transmitters. Depending on the type of sport or application, the transmitters can be placed anywhere, anytime at your discretion providing an incredibly portable, accurate and affordable timing method for today’s up-and-coming athlete.

Often in the sport of competitive downhill racing, the smoothest or straightest line is not necessarily the fastest overall run. "Without actually measuring your training runs and tracking your progress on a regular basis, it can be difficult to progress as an athlete in a timed-discipline sport" said Shawn Orecchio of TerraLogic Park Industries. "With the Freelap system, racers can use this technology at their favorite bikepark, local trails or anywhere in between without the hassle of carrying an oversized, cumbersome timing system". Measuring less than 13 inches tall the Freelap JuniorTX transmitters can be carried in a backpack to the training location of your choice.

The Freelap JuniorTX package which consists of the Freelap stopwatch and two portable, wireless transmitters will be offered in the United States for $429. Freelap components such as stopwatches can also be purchased separately since an unlimited number of racers can train on-course using the same transmitters simultaneously.

Diablo Freeride Park will be offering Freelap Technology on a permanent basis on a large sampling of bike trails for the 2008 season. "Freelap Technology will come to life at Diablo this summer and our customers will have the unique and exciting opportunity to sample this affordable technology firsthand", said Orecchio. "Diablo will be providing this season-long timing system on many of our existing trails, in addition to some new trail concepts we are working on...Our customers should expect to see Freelap playing a major role in our day-to-day operations".

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