The Trails:
Copper Harbor is a small town perched on the north-most point of Michigan’s Keweenaw peninsula. With a year-round population of just 82 residents, what this tourist destination lacks in people, it makes up for in vast forests littered only with miles and miles of perfect pulse-raising singletrack. The trails are good enough to have received an IMBA Epic ride status.

One of Copper Harbor's new, yet to be named trails.

One of Copper Harbor's new, yet to be named trails.

The trails here are a mix of buff dirt and rugged bedrock with lots of necessary bridging (the trails club owns its own mill to make wood for the bridges) to accommodate for the many streams, swamps and steep terrain. The trails are all purpose built to have the perfect amount of flow and ruggedness. And with two full-time trail builders, Copper Harbor’s network is expanding daily.

You’d be hard pressed to find trails with more flow than the ones Copper Harbor boasts. Check out the Woopidy Woo trail:

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Fat Tire Fest:
Every year on Labor Day weekend, the town holds its own fat tire festival. The Copper Harbor Fat Tire Fest’s activities include a Super D, a handful of kids events and an XC race, which showcases some of the most technical cross-country terrain in the Midwest. Post race Sunday evening is when the atmosphere of this town fully blossoms with live bluegrass music, and free food and beer for participants.

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