Tested: Crank Bros Twin Ti Egg Beater Pedals


Crank Bros. Twin Ti Egg Beater Pedals
Cost: $300
Phone: 949-464-9916
Web site: www.crankbros.com

For 2003, Crank Brothers ups the ante in the pedal market with the new Twin Ti Egg Beater pedal. It includes plenty of the same goodies as the much-heralded original. While the spring remains stainless steel, it’s finished with a gold titanium nitride coating, and 6/4 titanium is used for the body and wing.

The previous Egg Beaters cartridge bearings wore out after about a season. Luckily, Crank Bros. supplies a rebuild kit complete with detailed instructions for an easy fix. For 2003, Crank Brothers took the Egg Beaters’ only real flaw and fixed it. Instead of the previous C-clip and rubber plug, a threaded alloy end-cap tightly seals the Twin Ti’s cartridge bearing. This should keep the Twin Ti spinning contaminant-free, elements be damned. The new Egg Beaters also use a handy grease port for fast, easy lubrication. The improved design of the Twin Ti should keep corrosion at bay far longer; the difference in internals is noticeable just spinning the pedals by hand.

Throughout my life as a conspicuous consumer, I’ve never seen a display case as flashy as the Twin Ti’s anodized aluminum unit. Not unlike the fancy packaging of a bottle of Crown Royal, the contents did not disappoint. With bolts in rows like bullets, and pedals aligned like fine jewels, I just couldn’t wait to pull them out of the case, slather them with mud and put them through hell.