Gear: Chris King NoThreadSet

Steeped in 25-year history, Chris King headsets are with out doubt the finest in existence. And, how can you argue with a 10-year warranty?
That’s right. Ten years of guaranteed performance.

As one of the pioneers of threadless headsets, King offers all standard sizes as well as Devolution, which allows 1 .25″ headtubes to accept 1 1/8″ fork steerers. If you’re still in the wayback machine and happen to have a King threaded headset, King also offers a Nothreadset conversion kit to make the cups threadless.

That’s a lot of headset dedication in my book!

Maybe part of the reason King has so many headset accessories is because when you buy a Chris King headset it will be the last headset you ever have to buy. The metal-sealed bearing last longer than any frame and the alloy cups, with reasonable care, can be switched from bike to bike for years–I know riders who have used the same King headset on every mountain bike they have ever owned. With a weight of 108 grams, the Nothreadset is in the same lightweight category as anything else on the market.

The smoothness of the bearings is like ice covering a tile floor and the 38mm stack height makes for a compact, sexy package.

Is there any reason not to get a Chris king headset? I can’t think of even one.

Cost: $115(805) 683-0950