Tested: Chris King Coffee


Chris King Precision Blend Premium Coffee

Cost: 1-pound bag, $14; 3/4-pound tin, $29
Phone: 800-523-6008
Web site: www.chrisking.com

With most of the day used for riding your bike, it’s possible to find yourself doing your wrenching in the late hours of the night. Enter our friend coffee. A strong dose of caffeine at the 11th hour will keep you from cutting a steerer tube too short or not noticing that the tire bead isn’t seated properly and the tube is about to blow out the side. There are a variety of beans to choose from, but if you like attention to detail to apply to your coffee as much as you do your bike, give Chris King’s Premium Coffees a go in the automatic drip. (You not only get the beans, but a way-cool book with history and helpful tips on coffee.)

Due to the nature of our application, we went with Machinist’s Brew, our choice of the three (the other two being Rocket or Organic, which is unavailable in the one-pound bag). Being a big fan of Starbucks (yes, you can write me a nasty letter), I was pleased to find the flavor of this coffee to be smooth as the company’s must-have headset. A proper amount of caffeine is delivered on the bold side of this medium roast that’s sure to keep spanners spinning long into the night or early in the morning. To tell the truth, I’m hopped up on it right now as I try to make time on a missed deadline. If you go the extra mile for the tin, you are left with a great place to put those random bits that pop up when doing work on the bike. Just another example of Chris King refusing to offer anything that isn’t first-class.