GT’s new 7.4-inch-travel Ruckus will come in two models–the 1.0 and 2.0. The 1.0 is set to retail at $4,500 and comes sprinkled with top-notch components, and the 2.0 costs $3,300 with mid-level components. Both models will share the same frame.

The bikes are almost completely adorned with bits from SRAM and Funn. The monocoque frame appears quite burly, and GT did a great job decorating these frames with graphics that match the bike’s intended attitude.


GT's new top-end Ruckus 1.0 comes ready to rip with 7.4 inches of rear-wheel travel.


The Ruckus 2.0 shares the same frame as its pricier brother.


The worn-down look on the monocoque frame's welds is an interesting and cool-looking touch. We also like the combination of new and old GT logo patterns.


The Ruckus looks burly and stiff all the way around. It appears there will be plenty of mud clearance too.


GT's Independent Drivetrain isolates the bottom bracket from the front and rear triangles. GT claims this helps to prevent pedal feedback while keeping the suspension active.


A closer look at the graphic details.


The GT logo is made of GT logos.