Bikemag’s big-ass bruises contest

Putting your ass on the line

Bullseye! Putting your ass on the line. Photo by Seymour Butts

Dear Readers:

The dreadful sight you now behold in this photo is indeed the badly bruised buttock of a nameless Bike magazine editor who literally put his own ass on the line to avoid crashing into a rather large weekend warrior who was standing listlessly in the middle of a San Diego downhill run last Sunday. Though it looks like just a bruise, it somehow insisted on bleeding like a mother for the next couple hours of riding—much to the horror of those behind him, who couldn’t believe that much blood could actually gush from one’s gluteus maximus.

We would like to use this ridiculously painful opportunity to invite all of you injured riders to upload photos of your most wicked scrapes, scars, bruises and broken bones (or X-rays) to compete for top honors.

The only real rule is that they must be riding injuries. Please include a detailed description of your crash along with your photo.

The judging will be completely subjective and arbitrary, and we don’t even have a clue what the prizes will be. Maybe some Bike magazine swag, or perhaps a few packets of Advil, antiseptic and bandages. Or, if you’re really lucky, maybe we’ll send you a hi-res version of this cheeky photo…

To Enter:

1. Click on Big-Ass Bruises Gallery in the Photo Upload Section:

2. Login or Register for an account.

3. Click on Upload Photos in Top Rt Corner of Your Screen

4. Upload your garish photo and include a description of your crash.

5. Keep checking back to see the contenders and weekly winners. No limit to photo entries.