BIKE Senior Photographer Manley Wins Saint Deep Summer Photo Challenge

The Saint Deep Summer Photo Challenge saw six of mountain biking's greatest photographers pitted head to head in a slide show contest. The photographers each had their own "team" of riders and three days to shoot, edit and compile a slide show. The competitors were: Nicolas Teichrob, Paul Morrison, Jordan Manley, Sven Martin, Steve Lloyd and Adrian Marcoux.

The contest saw Jordan Manley take top honors and a $3,000 check. Nicolas Teichrob of Robert’s Creek emerged in second with $2,000 and Whistler photographer Paul Morrison took home $1,000 for third place. Morrison also won $1,000 for Best Photo with a shot of a wall ride that took serious commitment from two of his riders.

Jordan's win came with little surprise. David Reddick, Bike magazine's Photo Editor, commented on Manley's photography, "Jordan began contributing to Bike just a few years ago, and has quickly established himself as one of the sports most prolific photographers. His attention to detail is unmatched. He is extremely creative and also efficient in his approach. By that, I mean that he seems to see the final image before he begins shooting a subject. Great awareness of his environment and forethought of intended statements. He is one of our most treasured visionaries."

Manley’s team was made up of pro riders, and "super-talented humans," Darcy Turenne, Mike Hopkins and Thomas Vanderham, but the real stars of his show were the Whistler Mountain Bike Park Trail Crew. The imagery captured of this motley crew allowed a rare glimpse into the effort, camaraderie and dedication infused into the dirt and wood on every trail in the park. One of the most memorable images was of four pairs of hands, absolutely riddled with calluses, facing palms-up to the camera. 

"I think this event is super important to the progression of mountain biking," says Darcy Turenne, Deep Summer emcee and pro rider on Manley’s team. "Events like this allow people to see what is going on deep in the woods and it is such a beautiful visual showcase to expose the soul of the sport. As an athlete I felt honored to be a part of this competition. It is prestigious to work with such talented photographers. The time constraints make it a huge team effort and we really bonded. Definitely some of the most fun shooting I have ever done." 

Photos from the contest are not available yet, but here is a one of Manley's amazing photos, a self portrait of him riding in North Vancouver, BC.

Photos from the contest are not available yet, but here is a one of Manley's amazing photos, a self portrait riding in North Vancouver, BC.