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On the Cover: Kirt Voreis killing it at Black Rock, Oregon during a shoot for NWD.
Photos: Scott Markewitz/NWD

America’s Secret Stashes

Moab, Fruita, Whistler, Pisgah. It’s a familiar litany of popular destinations. But what about the unlikely suspects? What about the trails on the other side of Downieville? What about the brown ice of Brevard, North Carolina, and the limestone labyrinths of Terlingua, Texas? We offer the inside dirt on six of America’s hidden gems.

Black Rock: The Great Experiment

Five hundred acres of jumps, drops, doubles and berms littler the old-growth forest of Black Rock, Oregon. The place’s very existence is a minor miracle-the result of unprecedented cooperation between trail builders and land managers. But this isn’t any ordinary freeride park-the trails are open to the public, and they’re attracting riders from around the country. Cam McCaul and Kirt Voreis stopped by to see what all the fuss was about.

Rad Ross

Ross Schnell may be the best rider you’ve never heard of. The winner of last year’s Downieville races could even be the best all around rider the sport has seen in years. What’s more, he’s a throwback to the sport’s gritty beginning-when riders raced for fun, not fame, on hard, adventurous courses. Afraid mountain biking has lost its soul? Relax, Rad Ross has it all under control.

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Over the past year, the Bike Magazine Sh*tbike has been through a lot. It has been raced across Baja, abused in Whistler, and schooled by the king of trials. But that’s nothing compared to what Cam McCaul had in store for the beam bike.

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Destination: Bellingham

In June they begin to trickle into town. By July, it’s a flood of F-150’s, Xterras and 4Runners from Los Angeles, San Jose, Portland and parts south; each rig loaded with pilgrims on a journey to the famed North Shore. Vancouver’s Mount Fromme and Seymore lie just across the border….

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