We were told this would happen. Everyone we talked to had an opinion on what the weather would be like in Whistler between late October and mid-November. Forecasts ranged from sunshine and crisp fall leaves to early-winter hell. So far we’ve had a couple clear days, but the rest have been on the rainy side. Everything from light drizzling to full-on downpour.


While this means a lot more laundry and can be a general pain in the ass (like hosing off the mud with an ice-cold hose after rides) the weather’s been great for bike testing. There’s no better way to get to know a bike than by holding on to it through sloppy, sketchy trails. Drivetrains and brakes are being put to the test as hard as riders are.

But after an especially cold and wet ride Sunday through the re-routed Train Wreck trail here, the rain finally stopped. Instead, it started snowing.

Get ready for an icecream headache

Get ready for an ice-cream headache

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