Adding Insult to Injury

Further evidence that USA Cycling neither understands nor seems to care about mountain biking

This just came in from a public relations practitioner representing USA Cycling. We at Bike are still trying to wrap our heads around it.

Learn the Lingo From Competitors at the USA Cycling National Mt. Bike Championships

GRANBY, Colo…June 23, 2010 – Due to popular demand, the USA Cycling National Mountain Bike Championships are back at Granby Ranch for the second year in a row, being held July 15 – 18. For those aspiring to one day compete or those that really enjoy mountain biking, you might want to give more than your bike a "tune up." After all, mountain biking has its own lingo and if you're not familiar, it could be difficult to keep up. For example:

Mountain Bike Lingo: Yesterday I was doing a run through some singletrack when I came to a berm that blew out as I endoed ripping my kit.

Translation: Yesterday I was racing down a downhill course on a thin dirt trail that wound through the trees, when I came to a banked turn, who's dirt wall did not hold and I crashed over my handlebars ripping my downhill suit.

The following glossary of mountain bike terms will help ensure a smooth ride at Granby Ranch or at least help enthusiasts understand what the athletes are saying during the Championships. Event information and details are available at

Glossary of Mountain Bike Terms

4X – A four-person race with jumps, whoops, off camber and berm corners emphasizing strategy, cornering and sprinting. The top two riders move closer to a ?nal four race.
Babyheads – Small rocks from a ?st size to a bowling ball size that can move a bike unpredictably.
Berm – A banked turn, which allows riders to change directions more easily.
Clipless Pedals/Clips – Pedals that attach to a riders foot.
DH – A point-to-point downhill race emphasizing technical prowess and sprinting ability. One rider races a clock at a time.
Double – A jump with a take off and a separate landing, no dirt in the middle.
Endo – A crash where a rider ?ips over the handlebars.
Fireroad – Wide dirt road where passing can occur, not technically difficult.
Flats – Pedals that do not mechanically attach to a rider's foot.
Hip – A jump that is incorporated into a turn. Riders should turn on the lip and land going in a different direction than they started.
Kit – An out?t worn for riding, especially pertaining to downhill or 4X.
Lip – The take off portion of a jump.
Off Camber – A turn, which is cambered away from the rider, the opposite of a berm. Technically difficult to ride.
Pinch?at – A ?at tire caused by the tire compressing over rocks, logs, objects and
pinching a hole in the tube.
Rock Garden – A section of trail that is ?lled with rocks, either man-made or natural.
Run – A ride down a course, usually referring to downhill.
Singletrack – A thin dirt trail one to two feet wide that winds through trees and
Short Track – A short (25-30 minutes) lap race with sprint climbs and short descents, which allow spectators to see entire races in a short span of time.
Super D – A downhill race with more of an emphasis on pedaling and ?tness, with tamed down sections that are not as difficult as a regular downhill race.
Tabletop – A jump with a take off and a landing joined by dirt in the middle, resembling a table.
Whoops – A series of bumps, either man-made (as obstacles) or naturally developing in a course due to riding or braking.

XC – A cross-country mass start race with climbing and descending emphasizing aerobic ?tness and endurance.


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