Events: Inaugural Intermontane Challenge in Kamloops B.C.

The Intermontane Challenge and its unique “cloverleaf” course design filled with epic B.C. singletrack is attracting top talent from the US and Canada with a top prize of $10,000 CDN for the inaugural event on July 27–31, 2009.

Competitive athletes have cited the advantage of not having to move from place to place, the re-assuring luxury of quality food and accommodation options and the ability to compete solo as reasons why they have chosen the Intermontane Challenge as their stage race for 2009. This same response has been echoed by the rest of the entrants as well proving that the “cloverleaf” course design has been worth the effort to construct.

Long after the dust has settled and the event is over, local riders and tourists alike will be able to enjoy the legacy of trails that the event will have created throughout the entire riding season. With the Intermontane Challenge the race doesn’t truly end on day 5, it’s just the beginning of something even bigger.

Joining such top talent in the racing end of the sport is another true leader in the industry side of things – THULE has come on board with the Intermontane Challenge to create “The Ride of the Day Award” presented by Thule. This unique award will be given out each day to recognize some of the racers in the field who care more about having fun and finishing than suffering like the frontrunners.

This exciting partnership also has its roots in both parties respect for the environment – the “cloverleaf” course was designed to minimize impact on the environment while Thule has gone so far as adding solar panels to the roof of its Seymour, Connecticut manufacturing and office facility that will offset 26% of the total energy used. In the end everyone wants to have fun and have come together to show commitment to a more responsible and sustainable form of mountain bike stage racing.

The Intermontane Challenge is open to anyone looking for 5 days of epic off-road racing set in the rugged Interior Region of British Columbia. Entries are capped at 300 total spots. Pick your category – solo or team.

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