6-2-08 // Caution: Teenagers Onboard!!

It’s that time of year again, when our intrepid team (minus a few unlucky and not-disgruntled-at-all staffers) sets out for a week-long junket to some heralded riding destination for a few days of epic rides, campfires, tequila tutorials and all around good times.

The first wrinkle in the plan: the 15-passenger rental van. Turns out "Mia and Quinn" just finished using this particular van for a dual 14-year birthday throw-down. Looked like fun. Now it's our turn.

Western Spirit is hosting the trip again this year, so if you see a bunch of red W.S. vans and this one white/pink/green short bus traipsing around southern Utah this week, you're probably best advised to turn around and head the other direction.

Crazy teenage Morgando

Crazy teenagers 2

Crazy teenagers 1

Crazy teenagers 4

Mia and Quinn