4-6-09 // The Kids are Alright

Couple of emails rolled in recently regarding the greatest next generation, and reiterating that certain things in this universe just always seem to line up—like kids and bikes, and like coffee and “the throne.”


Hey Bike Magazine – love the mag, your team does great work, thanks for the hours of entertainment. Just had to send you this photo of our 20 month old son doing something he thoroughly enjoys, hopefully you can all get as many laughs from this as I get on a daily basis. I guess daddy spends too much time reading Bike on the throne…


Vancouver, B.C.

caught in the act


To the Good Folks at BIKE,

I thought you may bet a kick out of these pics.

“Future MTN biker in training”

Bill and “Little” Bill Koeppen of Columbus, OH-IO discussing the finer
points of mtn biking over Saturday morning coffee.