3-17-08 // Belgian Gangsters and the new V.I.O. wide-angle lens

Shuttled San Juan trail Sunday afternoon. It was raining on the top and the dirt was all-time tacky.

One of my riding partner was "Belgian Tom," who has lived in the States for a couple years and was brought up racing road bikes. He picked up mountain biking just one year ago and now rides an Iron Horse Seven Point with a full face and jeans, and hasn't touched the road bike in a year. Alas, the Calvin-and-Hobbes-loving Belgian gangster is moving back to Belgium soon, so we snagged this footage of him shredding the SJT for him to show to his roadie friends back home.

Also in attendance was my friend Michiel, the flying Dutchman. They were speaking Flemish jive the whole way down.

Jah, Est GUD!

This is a long video, but it's a pretty good representation of the SJT from Blue Jay campground to the parking lot by the ranger station.

Also it's one of the first runs with V.I.O.'s new wide-angle lens. Some vignetting on the corners but see for yourself, it's pretty good stuff.

The big old tire in the frame is the new Kenda ExCavator, shod to new EX 1750 enduro wheels from DT Swiss.