PREVIEWED: 29-Inch FireXCPro

WHAT: 29-Inch FireXCPro
HOW MUCH: $49.95 (Kevlar bead), $35 (steel bead)

Interloc Racing Design (IRD) has completed an agreement with National Tire Co. of Japan (Panaracer) to co-produce the famous FireXCPro mountain bike tire in a new 29-inch version. The FireXCPro 2.1 was a very popular tire and this fact had not been lost on IRD. The new Fire will be manufactured by Panaracer, but released under the IRD brand. Detailed specifications are not ready for release, but the width will be 2.1 inches.

This follows a similar co-production agreement to produce a FireXCPro for cyclocross, which IRD released as the CrossFire in mid-2006. Production is will begin soon with the new Fire due in stores as early as March of 07.