2-13-09 // Transition Unveils C.R.A.P. Technology

Meet the new Bank hardtail from Transition, a 4.9-pound frame intended as a do-all DJ, 4x, DS and trail bike.

Aside from looking like a well-balanced all around bike, the Bank is debuting Transition's new C.R.A.P. (Custom Rotating Axle Positioning) dropouts, which let you run gear or singlespeed in one, idiot-proof package.

Beacuse there are crap dropouts, and then there are C.R.A.P. dropouts

“We’re all pretty stoked on this new C.R.A.P system as it really gives a clean looking rear end of the bike without sacrificing the function for both singlespeed setups and geared setups. We feel this system has a lot of merit so don’t be surprised if you start seeing C.R.A.P. on some of our other models in the future,” Kyle Young, designer of C.R.A.P. and co-owner of Transition Bikes, said in a press release.

The Bank comes in three sizes, all of which come with a 13.25-inch seat tube; and three colors options: red/white-fade, green or white. For more check out transitionbikes.com.
BANK Transition