1-5-09 // REVOlutionarily Grateful

We’ve gotten a few emails and phone calls regarding the “12 Best New Bikes” feature from the December 2008 issue of Bike. Mostly people have been asking where the picture—showing a beautiful corner picture-window display full of a handful of lusty new 2009 bikes—was taken. We mentioned it in our “Thanks” section, on page 14, but we realize now we really should have had a better shout-out to Darren and Mike at Revo Cycles in Dana Point, California, for letting us hijack their store for the evening.


And not all the letters we got were asking about where the shop was. One guy wrote in to scold us for not giving credit where credit was due:

“So I’m flipping through the December 2008 issue, enjoying all of the photos and stories that make me want to ride and I am slightly taken back by the photo on pg. 85 of some guy clearly lusting after the bikes in the window. I know those windows! Those belong to Revo’s new store in Dana Point! In fact, that’s where I was when I was pawing through the magazine. Certainly, there must be some proper credits in the caption explaining where…wait…what the…no mention of the store or location anywhere in the article? C’mon. Give the guys some love…. Mike and Darren at Revo Cycles keep my bikes running, and the shop is starting to develop that soul that is so important to a local bike shop…. —Chris from Laguna Beach.”

You’re right, Chris. Bigger and better props are in order:

If you’re in the area, stop in and check out Revo’s Dana Point location. It surely is a sweet shop. They’ve got a full-service espresso bar on site, in addition to a full-service bike shop and brands on display including Specialized, Titus, Cannondale, Felt, Niner and Bianchi.

Or, visit them online at www.revocycles.com