1-29-08 // Sneak Peak at a new 650B Full-Squish bike from Haro

The fine folks at Haro just got in their first batch of ride-ready protytoype 650B Sonix bikes.

If you’re not familiar with 650B, you’re not alone. The term 650B is bike jargon for a wheel size that lines up smack-dab between 26-inch and 29-inch wheels. Two-niner bikes have come a long way since every company under the sun decided they wanted to make one, many of which ended up in designs that would buzz your forward foot with your front tire while turning, and generally rode like unruly Clydesdales.

But even though big wheelers have come a long way – there’s a third wheel size that’s gaining some momentum. We’ve seen hardtails, and have tested one in the magazine already (a custom ZR Cycles reviewed by D-Pow HERE), but Haro is looking to be one of the first to bring a production full-suspension model to the market.

For more on Haro’s 650B experiment, check out their blog, HERE.

650b Sonix