1-15-09 // Got Video?


In case you missed it, we’re giving away the TRIP OF A LIFETIME.

We’re talking a week’s stay in a French chateau within striking distance of HUNDREDS of miles of lift-fed trails. And not just any trails--we’re talking stunning Swiss and French alps here. Oh, and the weeklong stay covers the Passport du Soleil event, a weekend-long session where thousands come to ride a 75-kilometer circuit including a dozen different chairlifts and nearly 20,000 feet of vertical. It’s one of the coolest mountain bike events in the world, and the food stations push it over the top.

If you win, you have to figure out how to get yourself to Switzerland, but then room and half-board, bike rentals and lift tickets for a week (!) all are included.

All you have to do is fire up the old computer and paste together something resembling a video submission. Doesn’t have to be the next Collective video, just has to show some sort of pluck and soul and something--anything--deserving of winning this contest.

Hell, most point-and-shoot cameras take good enough video--forget the editing process and put it all together in one take.

Video submissions don’t even necessarily have to include riding footage. The contest is free-form--up to and including a “Real World” style, plaintive, confessional, lay-it-all-out-on-the-table “this is why I deserve this trip” video. Make us laugh, make us cry, but just don’t make us waste this trip on some undeserving schmuck.

Let’s just say the entries so far have been quite lackluster.

We may have underestimated our readers savvy and inclination to put together a video submission, but the winner is still out there. Maybe it’s you?

For more, click on the Christophe Margot photo above.

For all the gritty details, see here: http://bikemag.com/portes-du-soleil-contest-rules-2009/