A Post for the Do-Anything Bike

WHAT: Race Face Atlas seatpost
WHERE: raceface.com

Atlas is Race Face's upper-end "All Mountain" component group. All Mountain, for those of you who (understandably) refuse to pay much attention to the latest marketing lingo, is shorthand for "Lighter than full-on freeride gear, but a little burlier than the garden variety, cross-country racer stuff."

The Atlas is essentially a scaled-down version of Race Face's brawny Diabolus freeride post. It features the same basic head design: a rear twin-bolt clamp that Race Face claims is able to disperse high impact loads more effectively than single-bolt head designs. The Atlas' twin-bolt head is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and allows for a wide range of tilt (though, honestly, how much tilt adjustment does anyone really need?) and fore-aft adjustment. The lower seatpost head is integrated into the shaft—another stength-boosting feature.

The Atlas' 350-millimeter long, shaft is also made from 6061 aluminum and is shot peened for high impact strength and improved fatigue resistance. The Atlas is available in a wide range of diameters (from 26.8 all the way up to 31.6-millimeters) and comes with a lifetime warranty. Weight (for the 27.2-diameter version) is a respectable 275 grams. The Atlas is available in a black finish, a black finish, and, yup, a black finish.