I can’t believe how last night turned out. We just kept pushing through the snow until the road turned back downhill. We followed it all the way to the ridge above the refugio, where Tyler ran into Eizo the innkeeper. He was ready for a midnight rescue. I couldn’t tell whether he was surprised, relieved or angry. Either way he prepared us amazing risotto.

We discovered that our shuttle driver had dropped us off nearly 10 kilometers from where we were supposed to be. We added to that by taking a wrong turn–or two. I’m okay with this; we experienced an incredible ride, no matter how lost we were.

This morning Eizo made sure we were well-fed with Nutella and stale bread. Afterward, he checked our navigation for the day. He made sure to give us his opinion on the directions and sent us on our way."
We came back to the military road, which Eizo had told us to find again. It didn’t seem right, and after 20 minutes we decided he was very wrong. We decided to push through more snow to the top of “Cine d’Leveque.” Our legs were shattered."

We opt for the shorter route, refill our bladders in the town fountain, and meet Christian on the highway below. It’s the first time that we arrive within the suggested amount of time."

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