The bikes have been tested, the Roundtable Reels shot, the reviews written, the videos edited, the magazine pages sent off to the printer, the web posts built, the hairs pulled out—and now it’s almost time to share the 2019 Bible of Bike Tests. We lead things off online tomorrow with our review of the Offering, Evil’s new 140-millimeter-travel 29er. The print issue also hits newsstands tomorrow—and started showing up earlier this week in subscribers’ mailboxes—just in time to provide a binge-worthy respite from the stresses of the holiday season. On those pages, and right here on, you’ll find in-depth reviews of the most anticipated short- and long-travel trail bikes of the year, augmented by Roundtable Reel videos for each bike on our YouTube channel, in which our testers debate the merits of each bike.

It’s all designed to help you make the best buying decision possible the next time you’re ready to pony up for a new ride, which is the same goal we had 10 years ago when we embarked on the very first Bible, in Whistler, British Columbia. Check out this sneak peak at the testing action from two months ago in southwest Utah, our homebase for this year’s Bible, and be sure to tune back in tomorrow.