The Bible turned 10 years old in the rocky desert mesas of southwest Utah this year. What started out as a Hail Mary shipping of entirely too many bikes across a border to British Columbia's rain-battered Whistler Valley has grown into an—dare we say—elegant, yes, elegant review process of the most-thorough nature with scientific instruments and very serious demeanors. No fun allowed. None at all.

Along the way, we've inhabited a dormant North Carolina Girl Scout camp, a loaner Bellingham basement and just about every riding location we could've dreamed of dragging side knobs through—we've been spoiled. And despite repeatedly reliving the masochistic melee of faith-based logistics, bikes show up. Roundtable Reels transpire. Reviews occur. Thoughts are scribbled. A squabbled gathering becomes a coherent guide.

Now, the 10th iteration is before you and it's come a long way since the beginning. We even have Bible Summer Camps highlighting standouts within specific categories located in terrain-appropriate backdrops. But don't be fooled—we've maintained the same zeal that had us wondering where the supposed test bike disappeared to in the brimming Whistler garage and why work-costume parties are better on former-scouting grounds.

Long live Bible, here’s to 10.

Long-Travel 29

Short-Travel 29

Long-Travel 27.5

Short-Travel 27.5

Testing Grounds: Southwest Utah

The Place: Southwest Utah

From Gooseberry Mesa's legendary skatepark-like sandstone bowls to St. George's rhythmically writhing Zen and Barrel tech trails, southwest Utah has painted a delectable trail network across its iron-tone mesas. And despite Virgin, Utah's, Rampage battlegrounds and freeride eminence, there's something for everyone in the limitless perimeter surrounding Hurricane— scenery, flow, tech, rock, guts and prowess harmoniously converge. As can often be the case, its rise to riding prominence wasn't necessarily easy, but its steadfast devotion to trail networks, community and furthering its riding future ensure its success and affirm its acclaim.

The Bible Brigade and Favorite Bikes

2018 Bible of Bike Testers

Down Time

2018 Bible of Bike Utah Down Time

Every one of these bikes is a ripper on the downhill, but every one for its own reasons. Here, you’ll find what each bike did best when gravity was at its back.

The Up Side

2018 Bible of Bike Utah The Up Side

It’s about seat angles, linkage, kinematics, leverage curves and suspension tunes. But mostly about seat angles. Find out how the bikes climbed here.

Dollar For Dollar

2018 Bible of Bike Test Best Value

Some of these bikes have higher bang-to-buck ratios than others. And some pack their bang in the frame, some in the suspension and some in the components. We break all that down for you here.


2018 Bible of Bikes Test Killington