2018 Bible of Bike Tests Summer Camp Killington

The Bible is quite an undertaking: bikes, testers, categories, setup, parts, shipping, filming, disagreements, passion and riding. Lost boxes and stubbed toes. Hurt feelings and sunburn. Too much beer or not enough. First-world problems.

This year, we’re offering Bible Summer Camps specifically focusing on one genre, in one grouping of six bikes, in a rad location suiting the sleds. Worry not, the Bible of Bike Tests in all its–ahem–grandeur, yes, grandeur, will miraculously transpire this fall, right as rain, in one happy festival of riding merriment. You won’t lose that lovin’ feeling. You’ll gain focused insight delving within the intricacies of a category, meticulously crafted for your enjoyment. Twenty percent more free? Quite possibly. Long live summer camp and here’s to Mammoth Mountain, California, the second stop on our tour, and shredding six long-travel 29 rigs knocking on downhill’s door.

The Bikes


The Place: Mammoth Mountain, California

Land with deep history: Mammoth Mountain not only embraced mountain bikes early on, it inadvertently helped develop them. From Kamikaze's harrowing downhill pushing Schwinn cruiser contraptions past 50 miles per hour to bringing the lift-served-ski model to fat tires still during the sport’s infancy, the minds behind the mountain had a forward-looking view on progression.

Today, Mammoth furthers this sentiment. The ominous lava dome rises dramatically from above the Owens Valley, boasting shameless vertical drop while surrounded by the menacing Minaret sub-range. Though history here runs deep, the same open-minded thought that heralded its acclaim progresses its future to this day.

The Bible Brigade

2018 Bible of Bike Testers

If You Had To Choose Just One: Favorite Bikes of the Test

Down Time

2018 Bible of Bike Killington Descending Test

Every one of these bikes is a ripper on the downhill, but every one for its own reasons. Here, you'll find what each bike did best when gravity was at its back.

The Up Side

2018 Bible of Bike Killington Ascending Test

It's about seat angles, linkage, kinematics, leverage curves and suspension tunes. But mostly about seat angles. Find out how the bikes climbed here.

Dollar For Dollar

2018 Bible of Bike Test Best Value

Some of these bikes have higher bang-to-buck ratios than others. And some pack their bang in the frame, some in the suspension and some in the components. We break all that down for you here.


2018 Bible of Bikes Test