Exclusive: 2014 Bible of Bike Tests Begins

Bashing some of the best bikes of 2014 on the trails of Sedona. Arizona

It's a big operation--move the entire office out onto the road while we test a year's worth of bikes and parts...it's also pretty damn fun. Welcome to another round of Bike's  Bible of Bike Tests.

It’s a big operation–move the entire office out onto the road while we test a year’s worth of bikes and parts…it’s also pretty damn fun. Welcome to another round of Bike’s Bible of Bike Tests.

Vernon Felton

It's fall and that means one thing: somewhere out there a house is rapidly filling with stinky riders, dirty bikes, expensive cameras and a whole lot of empty beer bottles. That's because fall is the time of year when we bail on the cubicles and head out into the wilderness (so to speak…) to create our Bible of Bike Tests—our annual gear guide issue dedicated to profiling a metric shit-ton of the most intriguing bikes and products of the year.


This is our fifth year of doing the Bible of Bike Tests, but in case you're reading this and you're still wondering what the hell I'm talking about, I'll put it this way: we spend a month in a great riding location, riding the snot out of a year's worth of bikes, forks, disc brakes and whatnot while creating an entire magazine and video series dedicated to profiling some of the most promising products of the year.

This year, we've come to Sedona, Arizona—a place famous for its crystals, vortex-worshipping types and red rock buttes. Sedona, of course, is also home to great trails, which makes it an ideal place to put all these new bikes and gear through their paces.


We just got in to town, so we're in the early stages of the operation—scouting ideal testing loops, staying up too late each night and generally being full of piss and vinegar. There'll come a time when we are dead-legged, shattered and tired of one another's flatulence and refusal to replace the toilet paper. Right now, however, that all seems so far away.

Stay tuned for more posts from our Bible of Bike Tests sessions in Sedona. We'll post something nearly every day from our secret bat cave.