12 Days of Christmas: Sony Action Cam

Reliable, rugged, and simple to use.

Photo: Van Swae

12 Days - Sony_


Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100V | $300

We’ve worked with the Sony Action Cam extensively and it’s proven to be reliable, rugged and simple to use. Plus, the camera’s compact size allows it to be mounted nearly anywhere. It won’t shoot in 4K like GoPro’s new camera, but that means you’ll save dough on hard drives. If you like shooting video, you know how fast these things eat up hard drive space - so unless you’re shooting POV for a new Mission Impossible movie, you don’t really need 4K. Plus, the Action Cam has some amazing features, like built-in GPS, so you can track your rides -you can even overlay the GPS track over your footage. Sony also includes image stabilization so you’ll get a nice shot even when bobbleheading down your local DH track. The optional wrist-worn remote even has a monitor with live shot viewing and the ability to control up to five Action Cams. Pretty cool. If this little guy is still too big for your taste, Sony just released the Action Cam Mini, which is a whopping 30 percent smaller, and $50 cheaper.