Video: The Way I Roll

Chris Van Dine and Pedals 4 Progress do their part to improve lives in Guatemala.

Gravity star, cover model, world adventurer…Chris Van Dine is all these things, and he’s also a philanthropist.

“The Way I Roll” documents both the riding in Guatemala and Van Dine’s partnership with Pedals 4 Progress, an organization responsible for redistributing more than 136,000 bicycles to around 30 developing nations.

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  • J

    Good on you, Chris and Thule. Speaking from experience, these types of projects are incredibly impactful!

  • juan

    All I can say is Thank you for what you did in Guatemala .
    I born in Guate I’m into biking and something like this is soo inspiring. Great video is one of my favorites I have to say.
    Hope to know more about your experience in Guate .s
    Many blessing.

    keep up the good work.


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