Video: Lars Sternberg and Friends Go Klunking

Turns out Transition rider, Lars Sternberg and his friends absolutely rip on 'Klunker' bikes.

This video is quite impressive. Transition Bikes’ rider Lars Sternberg and his friends absolutely shredding on ‘Klunker’ bikes.

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  • Pete Wendel

    Love the people and ethos at Transition Bikes. Plus, I really like the video and it’s messages:
    – look how far we’ve come (old tech vs. new tech);
    – really it doesn’t matter what you ride–look what fun they’re having;
    – holy #@$*&, they can do that on those bikes?!;
    – I used to ride a bike like that…if they can do that on those bikes, image what I might be able to do with my bike (which is presumably better with, say, some front suspension and decent brakes).

    ….plus, I love the dialogue with the Lars and company. All you need is a crescent wrench. Reminds me of when I build my first BMX bike in the early 80’s.

    Seriously, if I didn’t care about money, I’d take a year and volunteer my time to do service design and community building for health and wellness in Seattle and Vancouver. I think there’s so many facets with mountain biking communities that have all the right ingredients for innovation and problem solving on so many layers: passionate, intelligent and creative people, focused and resourceful manufacturing, services, and design that’s culturally hard-wired to think beyond a single bike or product or service. Communities and companies like Transition are cultural ‘natural resources’ culture that can be cultivated and leveraged for co-creating and designing solutions that deliver shared value in multiple ways. (Side note: Ever see Colonade under I-5 in Seattle? Amazing…right people, place, right shared value.)

    It’s fun, they care, they do amazing stuff WITH people (not just ‘for’ people). It’s not about consuming…it’s about creating and experiencing something meaningful.

    To me, that’s what I think of when I watch this video.

  • Nick Van Dine

    Just got the inspiration I needed to spend the day wrenching on my early generation Ross Mt. Hood and get her ready to shred again. Thanks for the motivation Lars!

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