Video: Grizzly bear charges mountain biker

"Oh sh*t" is the appropriate response


This is what the rider, Brad Paras, said in his Youtube post about the experience:

“While mountain biking in Jasper, Alberta on August 4, 2013, my cousin Dan and I were charged by a Grizzly sow three times.

We were riding singletrack just outside of Jasper town-site (9c) when the encounter occurred. I rode to the top of a hill and applied the brakes to wait for Dan and plan my descent. My brakes squealed a bit, then I heard a growl and looked to my right to see a Grizzly bear charging at me.

After careening down the hill a bit on my bike, I was able to distance myself from the bear. According to Dan, who was subsequently charged, the sow stopped on the trail where I had been standing.

When Dan arrived on the scene, he created a distraction, which drew the bear to him. He managed to grab the bear spray from his bag in time to brace himself, but the bear stopped approximately 10 meters from him – just outside the spray’s effective range. Frankly, I’m glad we didn’t have to injure the mother in any way.

Meanwhile, I worked my way along the bottom of the gully toward Dan, so that I wasn’t alone in the rough bush. As I reached him, the sow and her cub charged toward us slightly once more before heading away in the direction that we had come from.

We waited a few minutes, then walked away from the scene along the trail with bear spray in hand.”

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  • Le Piou

    holly shit!

  • Wayne Nagata

    We have critters even in here I LA. Bears, mt lions, Coyotes, rattlers… So far havn’t had any confrontations, and I am glad you two are safe; )

  • doctor fresh

    wow, exactly what not to do when a bear charges you.

    • Ryan

      Yup. Don’t run. These guys are lucky.

  • rschulz

    Close call. That was a ‘bluff charge’, one of the next times she wouldn’t have stopped and she would have been crappin’ pepper a day later. Glad you guys were OK. Pretty scary no doubt. There is often debate whether bells on your bikes would have avoided the confrontation. Some say yes, others call them dinner bells. Point is, bears are wild, they protect their young. Stay far away, very far away!

  • morpheous

    This is a repeat, posted earlier this summer

  • stlhdsal

    I know this area. 2nd bear incident there this year. Maybe mtn biking in this area is not wise.

  • Michael Reid

    I met a guy on the trail a couple of weeks ago here in Banff and he had one of those compact air horns that you keep charged with your frame pump. The loud shrill blast seems to make bears take off like they were shot out of a cannon.

  • Slow Newsday

    Fucking useless idiots!!

  • deaverdan

    Put a jingle bell on your bike, I see bears every summer and have had no problems. I ride Wrightwood, CA

  • mitchell schorr bigg

    if he had of sat still i do believe the bear would have mauled him just saying

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