Video: 2013 Trek Superfly SL and Superfly 100

Trek calls them "the two best bikes" they've ever built. Here's what it took to make them.

Trek spent two years developing their new Superfly SL and Superfly 100 29ers. Their goal was to make the lightest and best balanced bikes in their respective niches. This video outlines the process Trek went through in their attempt to make that a reality.

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  • Disco

    Pretty impressive for road bikes, too bad the regning world champ is rocking a 650b. Not everyone drives a Porsche or F-1 car and what they do with the sub $20k “hot hatch” (Mazda 2 or Swift) volume models like the EX will be more important to dealers and riders; this is just tailored to weight weenies and elitists.

    • Dan M

      I totally agree. I think those of us core trail riders have held off on the 700C mountain bikes because we want REAL travel. We don’t buy the ‘rolls over stuff’ mumbo jumbo. These two bikes sure look nice but they’re really tailored for the high-income snobs with more money than sense, and fewer trail miles per year than the numerical value of their max heart rate. Nice work, Trek, but that’s a lot of R&D for the 100 bikes you’re going to sell.

      Me, I’m waiting for a 6″ travel 650B whip. My current 26″-wheeled wonder weighs 29lbs, and I flog the crap out of it. No real compelling reason to get rid of it.

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