RaysMTB MKE Odd Couple Contest Results

Top four videos from the RaysMTB MKE Odd Couple contest.

The RaysMTB Odd Couple contest consisted of teams comprised of two riders and a videographer. The riders and videographer arrived at the park midweek and had to shoot and edit a 3-4 minute movie to be shown for judging on Saturday night. The park gave riders clearance to break park rules, allowing them to ride illegal line transfers, backwards, etc. The videos were then judged by the live audience applause based on story, riding skill, editing and overall creativity.

In addition to awarding the four video team prizes, the pro riders voted amongst themselves for the ‘Best Rider’ award. The riders choose Mike Montgomery, whose video with Aaron Chase ended up in second place.

Fourth Place: Mike Kent and Roco Quintiliani.

Third Place: Clinton McMahon and Jeff Lenosky.

Second Place: Aaron Chase and Mike Montgomery.

First Place: Andrew Bigelow and Mike Gray.