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How to make a mud flap from an old tube.

This week, Squirrel shows you how to make a mud flap from an old tube.

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  • Disco

    This is shit,used rubbers are only useful for older carbon downtubes and on chainstays. Tasteless stickers add far more cred but using a hole punch, zip ties and cut up two liter bottle on the down tube will work ten times better.

    Where do they find you rookies?

    • Squirrel


      Count how many riders were using tubes for mud flaps at the Maribor World Cup last year:

      Looks like every World Cup racer at that event, and the mechanics who get paid to set their bikes up, are all rookies too.

  • Disco

    I did, and saw the 8.25 pounds of mud caked up on Minnar’s sled after running in that slop. Lets both agree that wrenching on bikes does not require the same education level as the space shuttle and further concur that dripping that much crap after a run shows this technique is not the most effective.

    Fenders and Mudflaps are not revolutionary breakthroughs and what works for sponsored pro riders with support teams and boxes of spares may not be the best approach for broke kids on janky whips. This placement will not prevent crap from hitting the bike, rider or delicate fork stanchions and could not possibly improve visibility. The only useful approach was Trek displaying their logo, a crap catcher on the downtube or off the seat post will have you running in all manner of conditions without looking like a mud wrestler at the bottom of the hill.

    • Squirrel

      The tube mud flap is just to prevent mud and crud from being flung into your eyes and face–not prevent the rider from becoming muddy (which for keeping the rider clean, not much beats fenders). I’ve used the tube mud flap. It works. It’s light weight, doesn’t rattle, simple, doesn’t interfere with body english and real cheap. I don’t know of any fender that protects stanchions. In real sticky mud conditions fenders gunk up worse than a bike would without them (like at Maribor).

      Additionally, the space shuttle is an inanimate object, which does not have an education level.

      Fenders have their place, but the tube mud flap also serves its purpose damn well. Give it a try.

  • NorthWest

    I commend you on keeping your cool with tools like Disco. Obviously this ‘tard doesn’t ride much in the mud. Nothing keeps the mud off your bike and self that well, but the flap keeps it from spraying up in your face.

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