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How to Straighten Your Derailleur Hanger

This week, Squirrel shows you how to straighten your derailleur hanger without a derailleur hanger tool.

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  • Chris

    I found this to be a little helpful way to do this out on the trail with no tools.
    But if you are home and have this problem. The best way to straighten your hanger is to use a long 5mm allen wrench, put into the derailleur bolt and use that to pull up on the derailleur. This way, you will have less of a chance to bend or even break the derailleur cage (seen this happen).

    • Squirrel

      I like the allen tool method too. Just got to be sure that it’s not a ball-ended allen as you can break the end off those fairly easily.

      Like Chris said, torquing on the derailleur is a good way to get off the trail, or a quick pre ride fix, but can damage the derailleur if you aren’t careful.

  • SteveO

    I agree with the comment above. I also think that this is a good trail fix but you won’t get away with this too many times IMO with an aluminum replaceable hanger before it breaks. Carry a spare if you can…

    I love all the Mechanic Monday’s tips!

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