5 Minute Break: Red Bull Supernatural – The Rampage of Snowboarding?

This looks like it will be absolutely insane.

It looks like snowboarding might have an equivalent to the Red Bull Rampage.

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  • foobar

    Except that the Rampage doesn’t need to clear-cut forests to get people air born.

  • Conflicted dirt artist

    As one who has been intimately involved with the progression of mountain biking and an advocate for the sport’s continued access to public lands my first thought is – WOW- what magnanimous private land magnate has green lighted such a project on their forested fiefdom? I can’t imagine a public land manager saying that it is cool to top living trees on public land to build a maze of jumps to promote Red Bull’s insatiable quest for market dominance of uber-radness.

    Where the Rampage on dirt is a questionable, albeit impressive, use of public lands where the purpose built jumps will eventually wash to the sea – how do we justify the cutting of live trees to improve upon nature to promote our over-caffeinated youth?

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a bleeding heart tree hugger nor holier than thou – but I’ve sat in enough meetings where the conservation community and land managers point to such videos as reason to ban us from public lands.

    My criticism of the evolution of bike porn, and now snowboarding, is that the modifying of nature is sanctioned as the benchmark of what is cool, trendy and expected without any accountability.

    Where does the buck stop? When companies like Specialized on one hand write a fat check to IMBA to support the Public Lands Initiative and on the other their marketing department is going bigger than ever promoting the unsanctioned use of our public lands – how does this story end? Where is the industry responsibility and accountability – their bottom line? Where is Red Bull stepping up to promote responsible land access? They should be writing fat checks to land advocates – not just their ‘awesome’ athletes.

    My only suggestion might be that in the opening credits of such videos or print advertisements that the appropriate disclaimer / explanation of how or where the depicted actions were officially sanctioned – otherwise keep a lid on it and just be super hero in your own minds. At some point in the near future – the industry will be their own worst enemy. What company or magazine wants to step up and promote a public land ‘stamp of approval’ on their advertising?

  • BK

    I’m with you on this 100%. I’m no tree hugger either but I have to question topping live mature trees for the sake of a 1 day huckfest. The notion that it will determine the best all round snowboarder is ridiculous. At the end of the day we’ll prove who the best snowboarder of 16 preselected contestants is on that particular day. Nothing else.

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