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Report: Grand Junction Off-Road – Days One and Two

05.31.2015 //

The third-annual Grand Junction Off-Road went off over the weekend, with riders from around the world enjoying world-class singletrack, music and beer.

Island Hopping in San Diego

05.05.2015 //

The Archipelago ride is a staple of the San Diego mountain-bike scene. This year, the ‘Arch’ ride tallied 49 miles and nearly 6,000 feet of climbing as it snaked point-to-point from Carlsbad to Mira Mesa, almost all on dirt–a good portion of which was singletrack–in a display of the county’s excellent connectivity.

Dirty Words: The Best Halloween Ever

10.25.2013 //

We’re on our bikes, laughing and flashing silently through the forest stinking of cheap beer and wood smoke. Halloween is over, but while the citizens lie snug in their bed, we glide through the night. Boo!

News Of The Tweet: Silencing The Mutes

10.08.2013 //

If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone even care? Pondering the nature of the Internet, the value of social media and the role of this very column.

News Of The Tweet: Information Burial Ground?

08.21.2013 //

Is the internet a black hole of time or a brave new world of opportunity? The endless stream of Crankworx coverage proves that’s it’s probably a bit of both.

News Of The Tweet: Codswallop, Gibberish And Hogwash

07.30.2013 //

Seb Kemp contemplates the meaning of love, life and the universe all through the Vaseline smeared lens that is News Of The Tweet.

News Of The Tweet: Filling The Void

07.16.2013 //

Is Twitter dull? I don’t think so but you have to be careful to avoid the inane prattle that can swamp a feed.

News Of The Tweet: Instagram Video

06.25.2013 //

Facebook is adding video to its popular photo-sharing app Instagram, on the heels of Twitter’s growing video-sharing app, Vine.

News Of The Tweet: #FB

06.18.2013 //

For a while hashtags have existed in Facebook but in a sort of stillborn sense. Many people have unleashed a string of messy characters preceded by the hash symbol, or number sign, or pound sign, or even the Octothorpe.

Theater Thursday

06.06.2013 //

Join Ted King, Tim Johnson, Ryan Kelly and Co. as they embark on the 2012 200 not on 100 ride—200 miles of fun benefitting the Colorado Red Cross. Spurred by the original 200 on 100 ride, which traveresed the entire length of Vermont on Route 100, the 200 not on 100 takes the 200-mile distance,

News Of The Tweet: Liberty and Lawbreaking

05.29.2013 //

Web 3.0 is jeopardizing our privacy and liberty, but we seem more than eager to let that happen. However, we can’t narcissistically broadcast to the world one minute and then claim to be owed privacy the next. Especially when it comes to threatening tweets of a criminal nature.

News Of The Tweet: Rules Of The Internet

05.21.2013 //

It turns out there are rules for the internet. You might not believe it, and neither will you once you read them.

News Of The Tweet: What’s Up Doc?

05.14.2013 //

Trolls are what exactly? Is the internet a sort of digital-biological valve and storage container into which bile is safely secreted before it builds up to dangerous levels and poisons the body of the individual. Trolling doesn’t mean much if ignored. Like the gall bladder we can forget it even exists and just let it keep spitting out venom that hurts only those that peer into the horrible, stinking abyss where trolls swim.

News of the Tweet: Doom, Gloom and Absurdity as Tincture

05.08.2013 //

“Everything is a case in hyperbole: the first ever, most moving, most dramatic. The idea of harnessing the intelligence of the readership has been lost in the quest for Facebook likes. For many, readers have become synonymous with hateful commentators. It’s time for a renewed push to realize some of the original dreams of the web.”

News of the Tweet: Tweets as Weapons and “Slow News” as Boss

04.30.2013 //

What happens when the world’s most trusted news source becomes a proxy for utter bullish*t? Well, that just happened. Here’s the story. Sorry, Associated Press…this one is going to hurt.

News of the Tweet: Battle of the Sexes

03.21.2013 //

This past week I’ve noticed more gender-based antagonism and friction than ever before. Is there something in the water or something more malicious building?

News of the Tweet: 97 percent of the Internet is as dumb as a hammer.

03.13.2013 //

RockShox’s marketing plan went to plan perfectly, and all because they knew that walking amongst us all is an entire army of utter mouth breathers who would be willing to bite on the lure set for them.

News of the Tweet: Twitter Hates Your Life

03.05.2013 //

’m a big fan of Twitter and one of the most frustrating things about liking Twitter is explaining to non-Twitterati that it isn’t just a scrolling screen of tedious social statuses. But now I’m struggling to argue with them anymore.

News of the Tweet: Follow the Leader

02.06.2013 //

Is anyone else nervous that the star of Enduro has flared up too brightly, too quickly and will burn out just as fast? Certainly in North America there is far too much talk and excitement, especially when very few people have tried Enduro or even know what it is.

News of the Tweet: Death

01.29.2013 //

Fake deaths, the death of celebrity and happy news about the effectiveness of the death penalty. Surprisingly, it’s all much happier than it seems.

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