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With one of the largest circulations in the mountain bike industry, BIKE Magazine puts readers in touch with the edges and essence of the dirt experience. Using dramatic photography infused with insightful journalism and award-winning design, BIKE Magazine fuels reader’s passions for the sport and is the perfect accompaniment to any dedicated mountain biking enthusiast.

With our multi-faceted Retail Sales Program, you will have the ability to decide which of our three programs will best suit your store’s needs while also catering to your consumer’s wants.

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• Returnable Sales Program: A generous 40% discount off the cover price with the opportunity to return unsold copies for full credit, at no extra cost. You will receive an invoice in the mail after 30 days from each shipment.

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*Terms of the sales program as follows: Payment is due 30 days from the sale date. You will receive a monthly invoice and statement of account after 30 days from each shipment. Minimum order is 5 copies. With minimum order, you will receive a free magazine rack to display the titles. To receive credit for unsold copies, tear off covers of all unsold magazines and return only the covers to us within 90 days past off sale, along with the returns remittance forms we provide.

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