Photo of the Day: Anne Keller

Candace Shadley and Julie Gamache. Mary's Loop, Kokopelli, Fruita, CO.
Candace Shadley and Julie Gamache. Mary’s Loop, Kokopelli, Fruita, CO.

Anne Keller Photographer: Anne Keller

Anne Keller lives in Fruita, CO. When she is not out shooting photos she can be found covered in flour throwing pizzas at her pizzeria, The Hot Tomato. She prefers to work in the medium of Bike magazine, but her photos have also been published in the likes of Sunset, Men's Journal, Velo News, Decline, Mountain Bike, Dirt Rag, and a whole host of others.

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  • pholange

    keller the killer… always inspiring. western rim is dreamy…

  • pholange

    oops, mary’s, not western rim.

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